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[Selling] Fan-made APH bags, Nordic, US+Canada, US+Russia, UK+Japan

Hello, I'm Looking for people who are interested in buying fan-made APH bags

^That looks something like this.

At the moment it's limited to people in Australia. Unless you don't mind being charged shipping from Aus to where-ever you are
Alternatively, if you can understand Chinese, click here.

what they look like (computer generated previews):

click for a bigger pic

The base colour for the bags is cream (think calico) not white. They are also lined on the inside. The straps are cotton and 50cm long. Colours don't wash off. The trimming will be leather in either brown or white leather, whichever is closer to the colour of the bag. It's still under negotiation, but it's possible for people to add zippers and pockets to their bags with a small addition in price (still unknown though).

Size: 35cm x 32 cm x 11cm (see pic)

available patterns

click for a bigger pic

You can choose either 1 pattern and leave the other side blank or have 2 patterns for the bag. e.g. Hokuoh Ranger + Sweden, Kiku & Arthur solo, Iceland on both sides.

At the moment it's still at the ordering stage, and manufacturing will only commence once the orders are sorted out. It'll take 25 days to make them and give another 2 weeks for shipping from Taiwan to Australia, so expect them to arrive mid-January.

Price: total price = bag + shipping.
$8 AUD max for the bag itself- the actual price will probably be lower. This is the amount that we need to recieve by 10th to send your order.
Since the actual price of the bag is not set yet, I will refund the extra money once the actual price is announced.

Shipping price depends heavily on how many bags we're ordering as a group, ie I won't know for sure until the bags have been made, but a REALLY rough estimation is around $8AUD. The actual price of the shipping will be sent to whoever ordered the bags as soon as I know the cost.

Payment:  PayPal, bank deposit, however you want as long as it works
Due to the final order I send out being in Taiwanese Dollar, I will record the exchange rate on the day I recieve money and return the extras using that rate.
if paying in PayPal, it's preferred if the currency's in TWD (200NT)
The above is negotiable though.

Deadline for paying for the bag is 10th November, earlier than what's written on the original website due to it taking time for us to send money too. Late payments are possible if I'm informed first.

Please let me know ASAP if you're interested in getting the bags.
Info to include: the patterns you want on the bag, quantity, payment method
You can e-mail me at blackie_mera[at] or send me a message via LJ. I'm also happy to answer any questions you might have (in case I missed anything orz)

Sorry for the messy post;;
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