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Place called JunkyarD


10 July 1989
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Hagaren ate my soul from 2004~2007. as my soul slowly regenerates from it in late 2007[October/November], maruma decided to come along and has been munching on my soul ever since. And in mid 2008[august], Terra E came into my life, followed by Kaze to Ki no Uta 2 months later. That being said, Terra current ranks first.

Somewhat addicted to browsing Japanese fanart sites and dream secretly of buying doujinshi from said site owners.
anime, anime ost, bishonen, bl, converting people to terra-addicts, corel painter, doujinshi, drawing, elricest, fma, hagane no renkinjyutshushi, hagaren related goods, haiedo, houseki hime, jonah matsuka, kisumatsu, kyou kara maou, mu, murakenz, oil painting, royal couple, shangrila private school, shin makoku history, shindai, shinken, tegaki, wacom tablet